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We’re the industry leader in embedded track solutions with over 1,000,000 miles of our products installed in North America since 1987. Our products are made in the USA and meet all Buy America specifications. We aren’t just a manufacturer, but also an experienced engineering firm that will support your company from the beginning of your inquiry all the way through installation. We have a track record of innovation and are the inventors of the Rail Boot and Gauge Support Fixture.

The Products We Offer:

Rail Boot

Rail Boot provides an electrical isolation barrier between the steel rail and surrounding roadway for embedded track. This resilient barrier absorbs rail vibration, minimizing the cracking of the surrounding pavement.

Rail Seal

Elastomeric rail seal features a dual durometer surface that allow for better wear resistance. Rail Seal is used in grade crossings for freight, industrial and transit paved tracks. The Rail Seal provides a more stable grade crossing while protecting rail from contact with poured concrete or asphalt.

Leveling Beams

Steel and composite leveling beams give support to the rail for accurate line, gauge & elevation prior to placing concrete embedment. Leveling beams are self-supporting and a real time-saver in the field. We offer custom applications and versatility of channel, flat bar, angle iron, I-beam and composite ties to accommodate any design.

ISO-Flex Rail Grout (Pour or Pump)

Elastomeric rail grout provides rail fixation, vibration dampening and electrical isolation by creating a waterproof, secure fastening system to encapsulate the rail. It supports rail loads with minimal deflection, absorbing vibration without cracking or separation from the substrate surfaces.

Elastomeric Tie Pads

Elastomeric tie pads are custom fabricated from synthetic rubber and sit under the tie plate. Tie pads are designed to increase the longevity of the tie by providing vibration control while decreasing rail seat abrasion.

Gauge Support Fixtures

Gauge support fixtures allow for "top-down" construction of direct fixation and embedded track. By supporting the rail from above, contractors are able to make adjustments in gauge and alignment with ease prior to pouring concrete, significantly reducing installation times.

Leveling Shims 

Metal and composite leveling shims are used under rail plates and DF fasteners to set proper rail elevation. We offer a variety of options, including custom thickness, custom hole placement, UV stability, engineered materials, rail cant, electrical isolation, integration with isolated bushings, or use as slobber plates.

Rail Seat Pads

Rail seat pads are placed under the base of rail to provide wear resistance and vibration dampening to the rail structure. Rail Pads of all types decrease rail vibration, reduce fastener movement, thereby decreasing track maintenance and improving ride quality.

Meet Us at Booth #1259


Want to learn more about our company or products? Stop by booth #1259 or email Larry Margolin at to schedule a 1-on-1 meeting at the show.


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