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Iron Horse Engineering Co. has a versatile catalog of Other Track Materials and Components essential for ALL Railroad configurations.

Grout Pump

Trailer mounted pump designed to deliver Iso-Flex materials with efficiency of placement for large rail encapsulation projects. Often used for special trackwork isolation/encapsulation and troth track construction methods. 

Gauge Support Fixtures (Iron Horses)

One of the first products offered by Iron Horse Engineering, gauge support fixtures allow for "top-down" construction, significantly reducing installation times. By supporting the rail from above, contractors are able to make adjustments in gauge and alignment with ease prior to pouring concrete. Ultimately reduces the need for additional shimming and adjustments typically required in “bottom-up” installation.

Direct Fixation Shims

DF Shims placed under the DF pad, used for adjustments to rail elevation. 

Steel Shims (Slobber Plates)

Slobber Plates are placed under the DF fastener in top down construction method as a surface form for concrete plinth pours. 

Tap & die Set

Available for cleaning and rehabilitating threaded connections if required.


Used in top down DF plinth construction to accurately set location of anchorage inserts.

Temporary Clips (Butterfly Clips)

Butterfly clips are a critical component in top down direct fixed construction used for temporary support of DF fasteners. These clips facilitate proper anchorage embedment during plinth pours allowing release for rail temperature expansion.

Hot Air welding Gun

Electric welding tool used to bond TPR materials together.  Used for IHECO Railboot Cuff and Isolation Membrane. 

Boot Reel Jig

Construction tool designed to be used with speed Swing track equipment for ease and safety when unreeling IHECO Railboot for embedded track construction. 

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