Special Trackwork

Iron Horse Engineering Co. offers effective and cost effective Special Trackwork methods ensured to be a successful and contractor easy installation.

For over 14 years the Iron Horse Electrical Isolation Membrane has been one of the most successful methods of providing an electrical isolation barrier for embedded special trackwork.


Made of a high performance, polyester reinforced thermoplastic material with chemical, UV, Ozone, fire, and critical electrical resistance properties.


Best of all- we provide installation support, training and techniques from our years of experience to ensure a perfectly isolated special track work tub installation.


Protection boards are provided to safe guard the membrane throughout the installation process.

Electrical Isolation Tub

IsoFlex PUMPABLE Grout

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Trailer mounted pump designed to deliver Iso-Flex materials with efficency of placement for large rail encapculation projects. Often used for special trackwork isolation/encapsulation and troth track consruction methods. 







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