Freight Solutions

Iron Horse Engineering Co. offers industry-leading freight solutions for Class 1 freight railroads, short line railroads, construction companies and rebuild/repair shops.

Rail Seal

Recyclable elastomeric seal with a dual durometer surface that allows for better wear resistance. Used in Grade Crossings for freight and also used in embedded track. Provides a more stable grade crossing while protecting rail from contact with poured concrete or asphalt.  Clamps available.

Composite Crossties

Made from recycled materials and fully recyclable, our proprietary engineered composite railroad ties are designed to last more than 60 years.

Shims & Rail Pads

Off the shelf or custom solutions that help reduce rail seat abrasion, absorb shock and vibration, cutting and ballast retention.


Full line of Shims, Tie Pad, Rail Pads, Under Tie Pads, Load Bearing and Pile Pads.

Gauge Support Fixtures

One of the first products offered by Iron Horse Engineering, gauge support fixtures allow for "top-down" construction, significantly reducing installation times. By supporting the rail from above, contractors are able to make adjustments in gauge and alignment with ease prior to pouring concrete. Ultimately reduces the need for additional shimming and adjustments typically required in “bottom-up” installation.

ISO-Flex Rail Grout

ISO-FLEX is an American-made Elastomeric Rail Grout polyurethane elastomer, providing vibration dampening and electrical isolation while holding the rail secure. ISO-Flex cures to a hardness and durometer specific to supporting the rail loads with minimal deflection, while absorbing movement and vibration without cracking or separation from the substrate surfaces.

Embedded Steel Leveling Beams

Steel & Composite leveling beams and ties give support to the rail for accurate line, gauge & elevation prior to placing concrete embedment. Our easy installation and competitive pricing provide contractors with the ability to save time and money with this self-supporting method without auxiliary equipment. Our steel and composite leveling beams facilitate quick and easy installation of embedded track systems with simple adjustments to line, gauge, and elevation. Leveling beams are self-supporting and a real time saver in the field. We offer custom applications and Versatility of channel, flat bar, angle iron, I-beam and composite ties to accommodate any design.

Direct Fixation

Direct Fixation Track method utilizes Iron Horse Gauge Support Fixtures (Top-Down Construction) allowing the rail to be fully exposed and isolated from stray current and vibration.  Our rail anchorage system is either applied as part of the permanent track structure or as templates assisting the track construction. 

Custom Solutions

From innovative noise mitigation solutions to lightweight flooring, we can supply what you need to make the best locomotive possible.

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