Rail Seal

Rail Seal is 100% recyclable, MADE IN AMERICA, elastomeric seal with a dual durometer surface that allow for better wear resistance. It is used in grade crossing for freight and embedded track. The Rail Seal provides a more stable grade crossing while protecting rail from contact with poured concrete or asphalt.

New clamping system makes installations faster and distributes force across material more evenly to help reduce pinching and a wavy appearance.

Quicker Installation, Reducing Costs

Reduces Noise & Vibration

Improves Pedestrian & Cyclist Safety

100% Recyclable & Made In USA

Improved Crossing Life

We have Rail Seal to fit most rail profiles, including:

136/132RE, 115RE, 115 Restraining Rail, 100RA 90lb & 85lb and girder rail profiles for Ri 51, Ri 59/60, and 112 block rail. 

Many more domestic and international rail profiles are available.


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