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ISO-Flex Rail Grout

Lowest Unit Cost in the Industry for Type 1 and Type 2 Elastomeric Rail Grout

ISO-FLEX is an American-made Elastomeric Rail Grout polyurethane elastomer, providing vibration dampening and electrical isolation while holding the rail secure. ISO-Flex cures to a hardness and durometer specific to supporting the rail loads with minimal deflection, while absorbing movement and vibration without cracking or separation from the substrate surfaces.


Our successful compound adheres to both concrete and steel rail ensuring the best solution for your specialty Embedded Track Installation.  ISO-Flex rail grout is compatible with Railboot and maintains the desired track modulus properties, while ensuring proper electrical isolation.

Grouting Applications

  • Embedded Track Applications

  • Designed to fill areas between the rail and surrounding surface

  • Electrical isolation and Rail vibration dampening.

  • Fill weld pockets or voids

  • Fix spalls in concrete and voids

  • Rail Bonding areas

  • Rail maintenance and repair of Embedded Track

  • Special Track Support of plates, frogs and rail. 

  • Isolation and support of switch housings and appurtenances. 

Benefits of ​ISO-Flex Rail Grout

  • Self Priming

  • Self Leveling and Non-Shrink

  • Support Grouting

  • Flowable

  • Easily mixed and poured

  • Grey or Black Standard Colors

  • Excellent Adhesion Strength

  • Permanent solution

  • Elastic Properties

Installation & Application Image Gallery

Finished Product
Finished Product
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