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IHECO Track Accessories

Iron Horse Engineering Co. has a versatile catalog of Other Track Materials and Components essential for ALL Railroad configurations.   

IHECO OTM & Specialty Tools

NEW - Grout Pump

Trailer mounted pump designed to deliver Iso-Flex materials with efficiency of placement for large rail encapsulation projects. Often used for special track work isolation/encapsulation and trough track construction methods. 

Joining Cuff

Extruded profile to wrap the outside of IHECO Railboot at spliced ends to ensure continuous electrical isolation and vibration dampening properties. 

Insulated Joint Cuff

Molded profile railboot system designed to wrap IJs providing embedded isolation around bolted insulated rail joints in paved track applications.

115RE Railboot

Cuff Tape

Non-conductive reinforced perimeter tape used for joining, sealing, patching and insulating IHECO Railboot as well as other track work components as necessary for electrical isolation prior to holiday testing and concrete pour.

Butyl Sealant

Waterproofing sealant used in conjunction with Railboot Cuff and Isolation Membrane

Flangeway Clips

Extruded PVC supporting Clips which hold the Railboot Snap-On Flangeway in place during Railboot installation.

Restraining Rail Flangeway Gap Filler

Extruded TPR profile designed to fill the Flangeway gap between running and guard rails as an inexpensive method for debris mitigation.

Designed to fit 115, 132, 133, 136RE 

Rail Head Tape

Pressure-sensitive cloth "duct tape" used to protect head of rail and IHECO Railboot during construction and placement of concrete embedment. Our Rail Head Tape is provided with a nonstick blind center to prevent adhesive residue on the head of rail.

9" or 12"

Insolation Bushings

Nylon reinforced plastic bushings installed in rail plates and track components to isolate bolts and washers from rail plates to create an isolated anchorage system.

Various sizes & Dimensions

Isolation Membrane

Fiber reinforced electrically isolating sheet material designed for full track slab isolation used in special track work tub construction, platform isolation, maintenance facility track and mainline applications.  Seems are heat welded to provide continuous isolation and strength.

Provided in rolls

E-Clip Cover

Plastic molded cover designed to protect e-clips, shoulders and insulators when embedded in concrete or asphalt.  

Electric Box

Molded access box placed adjacent to booted running rail where cable connections to the rail web are required. 

Custom Sizes.

Temporary Clips (Butterfly Clips)

Butterfly clips are a critical component in top down direct fixed construction used for temporary support of DF fasteners. These clips facilitate proper anchorage embedment during plinth pours allowing release for rail temperature expansion.

Bolt down clips.Steel or Composite

Guard rail & Running Rail Plates

Steel rail fastening plates for running and guard rail direct fixation anchorage. 

 Custom Sizes and configurations available

Base Plates for Leveling Legs

Square steel plate with center punched hole placed under leveling legs to hold elevation and prevent side movement. 

 4"x4" & 6"x6"

Boot Reel Jig

Construction tool designed to be used with speed Swing track equipment for ease and safety when unreeling IHECO Railboot for embedded track construction. 

Hot Air welding Gun

Electric welding tool used to bond TPR materials together.  Used for IHECO Railboot Cuff and Isolation Membrane. 

Rail Base Weld Grinder Jig

Steel fabricated set up for holding rail grinder to more easily remove excess weld material from base of rail. 

Boot Reel Hanger

Railboot is supplied on large utility reels that can be hung for boot distribution with out fabricated Boot Reel Hanger.  

Holiday Tester

Electronic testing devise allowing field identification of any possible damage or small holes in Railboot. 

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