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Embedded Track Material

Iron Horse offers a wide array of products available for use in the construction of embedded track systems.

Our support tie designs facilitate quick and easy installation of embedded track systems with simple adjustments to line, gauge and built-in rail seat cant. Screw-jacks provide simplified capabilities for lifting, surfacing, and leveling the track for placement of the embedment concrete. A track system on Iron Horse ties is self-supporting without auxiliary equipment, and a real timesaver in the field by maintaining line and gauge while preparing for the embedded track pour. Iron Horse has many proprietary steel tie designs, customized to accommodate a vast array of in-the-field obstacles encountered in embedded track installations.

Leveling Ties

Poured-in-place plates are used to secure rail into embedded concrete in lieu of full steel ties, or as a replacement for DF Plates when the rubber resilience is not needed. Iron Horse Engineering PIP-Fast system’s top-down construction method is adaptable to a variety of slab track forms. Systems are available for one- and two-pour slab, as well as plinth construction. PIP-Fast direct-embedment plates are supported by gauge support fixtures and cast-in-place. PIP-Fast can be used to construct plinth or grout pads for direct fixation fasteners.

PIP Plates

A fast and economical way to maintain and/or check gauge throughout an installation. Custom engineered to accommodate any rail profile and gauge requirement, gauge bars are a huge time saver for installers and can equate to enormous labor savings over the length of a project.

An extruded profile designed to eliminate the necessity of packing asphalt to avoid debris fill. The “Pop-in” design saves time during installation and eliminates the need for asphalt and all of its associated labor costs. By eliminating the associated maintenance costs with restraining rail and lowering installation costs, our Restraining Rail Filler Strip is an excellent solution for any Restraining Rail Project. Produced from a recyclable TPE, Iron Horse Restraining Rail Filler Strip is a “green” alternative to asphalt and rubber products commonly used today.

Restaining Rail Filler Strips

Gauge Retention Bars

Custom Solutions

Composite Crossties

Made from recycled materials and fully recyclable, our proprietary engineered composite railroad ties are designed to last more than 60 years.

Our development team can create custom solutions for most any project or design issues encountered in today’s transit industry. With more than 150 years’ combined  railroad background, we have the knowledge and capabilities to overcome many installation and design hurdles. Our experience and in-house manufacturing capabilities eliminate the middle man, and allow us to be hands-on throughout the design and installation phases.

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