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Leveling Beams

Save Time & Money When Installing Embedded Track


Iron Horse Engineering Steel & Composite leveling beams and ties give support to the rail for accurate line, gauge & elevation prior to placing concrete embedment. Our easy installation and competitive pricing provide contractors with the ability to save time and money with this self-supporting method without auxiliary equipment. Our steel and composite leveling beams facilitate quick and easy installation of embedded track systems with simple adjustments to line, gauge, and elevation. Leveling beams are self-supporting and a real time saver in the field. We offer custom applications and Versatility of channel, flat bar, angle iron, I-beam and composite ties to accommodate any design.


  • Custom applications per project specifications

  • Proven “track record”, over 1 million miles of installed track

  • Integrated leveling and side adjustment systems for quick installation

  • Versatility- channel, flat, bar, composite & I beam ties to accommodate any design

  • Predetermined gauge cant and clip location

Product Descriptions

  • C-Channel Steel Leveling Tie - Facilitates embedded track construction by holding rails at proper line and gauge.

    • Sizes: ​3", 4", 5"

  • Flat Bar Steel Ties - Used in low profile track slabs to properly hold rails at line and gauge. Best used for minimum concrete placement under rail. 

    • Sizes: ​1", 1/2", 3/5"

  • Angle Iron Steel fabricated Tie - Used for block and crane rail applications.

    • Sizes: ​Tram Rail / Block Rail

  • I -Beam Ties - Wide steel flange beam tie used where specified for rail elevation and gauge. 

    • Specialty sizes Available

  • Direct Fixation Steel Ties - Used to support rails in a DF scenario to provide temporary rail support on bridges, tunnels and maintenance facility applications. 

    • Sizes: 4", 5"

    • Custom sizes available

  • Steel Leveling Ties

    • Sizes: Standard & Custom Gauge

  • Composite Ties

    • Sizes: Standard & Custom Gauge

  • Special Trackwork Ties - Custom engineered steel or composite ties fabricated and designed to support special trackwork embedded installation. ​

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