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Our noise and vibration mitigation products are designed to reduce ground-borne noise and vibration to create a smooth, quiet ride while reducing wear and tear on the system.

Noise and Vibration Mitigation

Rail Boot
Rail Seal 
Rail Pads
Rail Pads reduce rail seat abrasion and mitigate airborne noise by eliminating steel-on-steel interfaces.
Recyclable elastomeric seal with a dual durometer surface that allows for better wear resistance. Used in Grade Crossings for freight and also used in embedded track. Provides a more stable grade crossing while protecting rail from contact with poured concrete or asphalt.  Clamps available.
Our boot provides a resilient electrical barrier between embedded rail and the surrounding concrete or asphalt. It absorbs rail vibration, minimizing the cracking of the surrounding concrete. Learn more >>
Custom Solutions
Our team can look at your data and your unique requirements and suggest custom solutions to eliminate your noise and vibration issues.
Elastomeric Grout
Vibration Rail Boot Cuff
External Rail Boot Cuff wrapped around base of rail to mitigate sensitive vibration areas. 
PUMP or POUR Iso-Flex Rail Grout for dampening and electrical isolation.
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