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Electrical Isolation

As the pioneer in the rail industry, Iron Horse prides itself on delivering custom materials for embedded special track work. We offer the most successful method for electrical isolation barriers with more than 15 years of installed experience in U.S. LRT systems.


The membrane is a high-performance, polyester reinforced thermoplastic material with chemical, UV, ozone and fire resistance, along with the critical electrical resistance properties. res

Protection board is provided to safeguard the membrane throughout the installation process.


Iron Horse Engineering provides installation expertise, training and techniques to assist in the efficiencies of your installation while providing a perfectly isolated special track work tub installation.

Iron Horse Engineering Plastic Ties are a non-conductive beam, designed for Longevity, Durability and Versatility with no chemical preservatives.  They can be customized to fit project requirements with lengths up to 25 ft.

Embedded Plastic Ties

The Iron Horse Engineering Electrical isolation membrane is designed to provide an electrical isolation barrier for embedded special track work.The Iron Horse system is the most successful method for special track work isolation with over 14 years of installed experience in US LRT systems.

Isolation Membrane and Protection Board

Iron Horse Engineering offers the industry’s best Elastomeric Grout. Iso-Flex Rail Grout is an     American made, three part polyurethane material, mixed on site and poured in place, to isolate and support the rail.  Our Elastomeric grout adheres to both the concrete and steel rail, Iso-Flex cures to a hardness and dual durometer specific to supporting  the rail loads with minimal deflection, while absorbing movement and vibration without cracking or separation from either surface.  Iso-Flex Rail Grout is compatible with Railboot and maintains the desired track modulus properties, while ensuring proper electrical isolation.  

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Elastomeric Grout

Iron Horse Engineering Co. developed Railboot™ in 1989 to provide an electrical isolation barrier between the steel rail and the surrounding roadway for embedded track.The Iron Horse Railboot system, with supplied accessories, provides an electrical barrier between embedded rail and the surrounding concrete or asphalt.This resilient barrier absorbs rail vibration, minimizing the degradation of the surrounding concrete. Learn more >>

Rail Boot

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