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Freight Solutions

Iron Horse Engineering Co. offers industry-leading freight solutions for Class 1 Freight railroads, Short Lines, Construction companies, and Rebuild/Repair shops.

Recyclable elastomeric seal with a dual durometer surface that allows for better wear resistance. Used in Grade Crossings for freight and also used in embedded track. Provides a more stable grade crossing while protecting rail from contact with poured concrete or asphalt.  Clamps available.

Rail Seal

Composite Crossties

Made from recycled materials and fully recyclable, our proprietary engineered composite railroad ties are designed to last more than 60 years.


From stainless steel to nylon, our resilient fasteners are widely available from inventory.

Flangeway Filler Systems

Eliminate the hazard of the flangeway by filling the flangeway gap with grout or our customizable elastomeric fillers.

Rail Pads

Off the shelf or custom solutions that help reduce rail seat abrasion, absorb shock and vibration, cutting and ballast retention.


Full line of Tie Pad, Rail Pads, Under Tie Pads, Load Bearing and Pile Pads. Learn More

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