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Elastomeric Tie Pads

Maximize Durability and Minimize Maintenance Costs


Iron Horse Engineering's elastomeric tie pads are made of synthetic rubber and sit under the tie plate to increase the longevity of the tie by providing vibration control while decreasing rail set abrasion.  This is standard rail practice for timber and composite ties and helps to reduce ballast breakdown.


Tie pads can be provided in precut sizes or in continuous material rolls to be cut in the field.  Cut spikes and drill spikes are placed through the pad without the need to predrill. 


Additional rail seat pads are placed under the rail, above the tie plate providing additional wear resistance and vibration dampening to the rail structure.  Click here to learn more about Rail Pads.  

Product Information

Key Benefits:

  • reduces concrete degradation

  • passing train vibration control 

  • isolates electrical current

  • reduces the damage of tie cutting  

  • lessens the loosening of spikes, bolts and other fastening apparatus 

  • savings on overall track maintenance

  • low cost compared to masticated rubber

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