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Custom Metal & Plastic Leveling Shims


Iron Horse Engineering manufactures standard and custom leveling shims in metal or plastic materials designed to set proper rail elevation. Iron Horse custom shims, used under rail plates and DF fasteners are fabricated in various thicknesses and sized to match the fastener and rail support structure. Ironhorse Engineering understands the critical importance of shims and pads to provide support and leveling under the rail fastening system. Our custom abilities allow us to offer a variety of options, including, custom thickness, custom hole placement, UV stability, engineered materials, rail cant, electrical isolation, integration with isolated bushings, or use as slobber plates.

​Product Descriptions: 

  • DF Shims - Placed under the DF pad, used for adjustments to rail elevation. 

    • Sizes: ​1/16", 1/8", 1/4", 3/8", 1/2"

    • Custom thickness & hole placement available

    • Material : Steel or plastic

    • UV Stable

  • Slobber Plates - Placed under the DF fastener in top down construction method as a surface form for concrete plinth pours.

    • Sizes: ​1/2"

    • Material : HDPE or galvanized steel

  • Cant Shims - Placed under the rail to help achieve desired rail cant angle. 

    • Sizes: ​1/40", 1/30"

    • Slope or custom available

    • Available for restraining & guard rail

    • UV Stable

  • Electrical Isolation Shim - Placed under the rail to help achieve electrical isolation and rail elevation. ​

    • Custom sizes, thickness & hole placement available

    • UV Stable

  • Insulated Leveling Shims & Vibration Pads - Made from a vibration dampening material, placed under the rail to help achieve proper track modulus and electrical isolation.

    • Various thickness & sizes available

  • Galvanized or Zinc Shims 

    • Sizes: ​1/16", 1/8", 1/4", 3/8", 1/2"

    • Custom thickness available

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