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Gauge Support Fixtures

Minimize Installation Times & Costs with "Top-Down" Construction

One of the first products offered by Iron Horse Engineering, gauge support fixtures allow for "top-down" construction, significantly reducing installation times. By supporting the rail from above, contractors are able to make adjustments in gauge and alignment with ease prior to pouring concrete. Ultimately reduces the need for additional shimming and adjustments typically required in “bottom-up” installation.

Benefits of Gauge Support Fixtures


  • Reduced labor costs by eliminating the labor-intensive process of shimming

  • Reduced construction cost because fixtures can be reused for several projects

  • Quick and easy installation thanks to fool-proof product design

  • Fully adjustable gauge and cant, functional for all styles of DF pads

  • Can be used in virtually any slab track construction, available in several configurations


Rental and buy-back programs are available.

Installation & Application Image Gallery

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