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The combined efforts, technical knowledge and support services of the Iron Horse Engineering team allow us to create, modify and manufacture products to suit our customers’ ever-changing needs.

What sets Iron Horse Engineering apart from the rest?

All of our innovative products are


from the finest materials, guaranteed to hold up to the strictest specifications. 

Our noise and vibration mitigation products are designed to reduce ground-borne noise and vibration to create a smooth, quiet ride while reducing wear and tear on the system.

Noise & Vibration Mitigation

We offer custom materials for embedded special track work with more than 15 years’ experience installing U.S. LRT systems.

Electrical Isolation

Freight Solutions

Our products include industry-leading freight solutions for Class 1 Freight railroads, Short Lines, Construction companies, and Rebuild/Repair shops.

We offer a wide array of products available for use in the construction of embedded track systems.

Embedded Track Materials

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